Are you looking for sparring partner? Are you going to arrange some cycling trip ? Or maybe you’d like to collect a group to participate in some sport event? Check out our newest project – Volup Match, a tool dedicated to LGBTQ* sportsman based in Warsaw.

Volup Match is a Facebook’s group for those who are interested in sport activities in Warsaw. Our club decided to launch a platform where members of LGBTQ* community can freely share information about sport events, whether they are organized by members of the group or outsiders.

Feel free to join the group, participate in sport events promoted on the group and invite others for your own meetings.

How does it work if you want to invite for your own event?

  • Use the option “Meeting” or a classic post on the wall
  • Provide location, date, number of possible participants, cost of event and optionally level of activity, where A means the highest level and D the lowest
  • Put link to the event (if exists)
  • Add short description of your event

Direct link to the group:

Don’t forget to share the information about the group among your friends!