We decided to prepare this short guide for people that plan to attend at our sport meetings and eventually join the club. They might find answers to most common questions and have better view on our main activities.

When and where sport meetings take place?

  • Badminton

Badminton meetings are organized each Thursday from 8 PM to 10 PM at the sport facility at 6A Skarżyńskiego Str. in Warsaw (read more).

  • Volleyball

Volleyball meetings are organized each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 PM to 10 PM at the sport facility at 1 Braci Załuskich Str. in Warsaw (read more).

Do participants need to register for the meetings?

No, participants can take part in badminton and volleyball meetings without registration with exception of volleyball course for beginners. Although, it is recommended for newcomers to contact us via email (info@volup.pl) or Facebook fanpage.

What is the cost of participation?

First training is for free in case of both sections, badminton and volleyball.

  • Badminton

Cost of single participation is 25 PLN (22.50 PLN with Karta Warszawiaka or Karta Młodego Warszawiaka).

  • Volleyball

Cost of single participation is 20 PLN (18.00 PLN with Karta Warszawiaka or Karta Młodego Warszawiaka) with exception of volleyball course for beginners, which is 25 PLN (22.50 PLN with Karta Warszawiaka or Karta Młodego Warszawiaka) per meeting.

How to prepare for training?

Participants must have sport clothes and sport shoes whatever discipline is considered. Locker rooms, toilets and showers are available in the sport facility. All kind of jewelry must be left in the locker room before entering the courts. Sport equipment is provided by the club – in case of volleyball those are nets and balls, in case of badminton those are rackets, shuttles and nets. We recommend to newcomers to visit their doctor before coming to the training, especially if someone is not certain about their health condition, have some constant health issues or recently got through some serious illness.

What are the levels of game during the meetings?

  • Badminton

Badminton meetings are organized in mixed group without dividing participants into separate levels. Coordinator of the badminton group is also dedicated to help participants with less experience to improve their skills.

  • Volleyball

Participants of volleyball meetings are divided into 3 separate groups based on their skills: level A/B+ (the highest), level B-/C (medium) and level C- (volleyball course for beginners). During the meetings on Monday and Wednesday one court is given to level A/B+ and the second court is given to level B-/C. During meetings on Tuesday the only available court is given to C- group (practicing with volleyball instructor – read more).

How to verify your own level of playing?

  • Badminton

see the section above

  • Volleyball

Descriptions below aim to help newcomers to find for themselves proper level to play in:

  • level C- (volleyball course for beginners) – group dedicated to people that did not play volleyball in the past and need improvement in most basics elements of the game, such as setting, receiving serving and spiking. Only when those elements are well controlled by the player, that person is allowed to join group from higher level.
  • level B-/C (medium) – group dedicated to those who play volleyball regularly as amateurs and basics elements of the game are well controlled by them. Players from this level know also all the rules of volleyball, can properly move on the court during the action and they actively participate in the game from the beginning till the end of the meeting.
  • level A/B+ (the highest) – group dedicated to those who practiced playing volleyball for longer period of time in the past and their skills visibly outstand majority of the other players. Participants from the level A/B+ should be versatile players capable of playing as setter, outsider, opposite or libero. They should also regularly play in the tournaments or amateur leagues with respectively level of competition.

If the descriptions above are not enough to find for yourself proper level to play in, we encourage newcomers to take part in the volleyball meeting when one of the coordinator will help to make that decision.

If you don’t find answer to your question in the guide above, please contact us directly.