Warsaw Volleyball Club “Volup” is a sport association with the aim to promote volleyball among the LGBT society. Our goal is to create a place, where everyone, regardless of their level of volleyball skills, could share common passion for volleyball.

You are all invited to join us!

It all began at the end of 2005 when Marcin, our first president, moved back to Warsaw from his stay in Germany and decided to set up a first gay volleyball club, just like many of which you can find in Western Europe.
By advertising the idea on many Polish LGBT websites, he managed to convinced a few volunteers to come and play volleyball together. Then (in 2006) there was an advertising campaign in a form of leaflets hang in main gay clubs in Warsaw. This resulted in a sufficient number of people to have a solid game – there were more than 12 people coming regularly to practices.

In May 2006 some of us went to Prague Rainbow Spring Tournament, where we reinforced 2 different teams coming from London and Frankfurt. For the first time we came to represent Poland in December 2006, when we wend to Frankfurt X-Mas Tournament. We played on the C level there and won the entire tournament! After having returned to Poland, we met at a Christmas Eve dinner, where we celebrated our success and decided that those were only the beginnings and the real fun was yet to come… and so it did. Full of enthusiasm, in 2007 we went to Stuttgart, Prague, Halle, Milan and Barcelona, where we tired ourselves on B level with quite a different outcome (click here to read about our Achievements).

When we went to Frankfurt in 2006, we met Kuba from Silesia who went there to reinforce one of the foreign teams participating in the tournament. Kuba, who is a very good and experienced volleyball player, later helped us on different occasions during our practices showing a few volleyball tips and tricks. After coming back from Frankfurt, he decided to set up a similar gay volleyball club in Silesia. Shortly after we invited them to Warsaw for a friendly match. In 2007, they came in 3rd on a B+ level at the Prague Rainbow Spring Tournament. In 2007, new teams started to appear on the map of Poland, in: Poznań, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Zielona Góra and Łódź.
In December 2007, there were 4 Polish teams participating in the Frankfurt X-Mas Tournament: 2 from Warsaw and one from both Katowice and Wrocław. Our teams managed to win two medals repeating the success from the previous year and ending up 1st on the C level as well as coming in 2nd on the B- level.

In fall 2006, we named the club “Warsaw Volleyball Club VOLUP”. A website was created (www.volup.pl), where latest news on the club started to be published and we uploaded photos from various training sessions and tournaments. A few straight players showed up at our trainings and stayed with us until now as they appreciated the nice and friendly atmosphere where we respect each other as well as practice hard to improve our volleyball skills.

To meet the growing popularity of gay volleyball in Poland, we decided to organise a first national LGBT volleyball tournament, which took place in Warsaw in February 2008. There were 9 teams participating in the event: 2 from each Silesia and Threecity, one from both Wrocław and Łódź and 3 from Warsaw. It was a landmark event and a festival of Polish gay volleyball and what’s most important, it was nothing worse than the foreign tournaments we had previously participated in. The gold in all “straight” 😉 sets went to a team from Katowice whereas the silver as well as bronze stayed in Warsaw. Nevertheless, special thanks should be addressed to all the participants for coming to Warsaw and enjoying the tournament.

The gay volleyball exists in Poland for over 2 years now but we feel that the golden age is yet to come. This is indeed true for VOLUP, as the advertising campaign to attract new players was set in motion: an article in Gazeta Wyborcza (one of the biggest national daily newspapers) caused a lot of discussion, which resulted in establishing cooperation with a lesbian volleyball club as well as writing a statute with plans to register an association. Our plans for the future are focused on developing the club and organizing the first international gay volleyball tournament in Poland. Many foreign teams have already expressed their interest in coming to Poland, so the real fun is yet to come!

History is there to be created, so… Let’s keep on creating it!